HatE tO wORk On SatURDaY!!!

    I hate to bring back office work and work on Saturday but i have no choice. I am always reluctant to do so as weekends is the time for us to do whatever we do not get to do on our busy working schedules. I like to do everything on a relax way and there is no point to rush into anything after a hectic five-day working week.
    There are so many things remained undone and inititally i wish i could have settled most of the outstanding items on hand while my boss is away for vacation. The Corporate Guarantee Register is not finalised yet, Minutes of Meetings not drafted yet, Insurance Renewal for Year 2007 is half way done, Operation Manual on Trust Insurance not yet follow up with relevant parties and the lists seem to continue…
    I am so lazy now and do not feel like doing anything except i have cleaned my 2 fish tanks and relocate the fish tank in my room to living room. I hope that my 5 little gold fish can settle down well in the ‘new environment’. Probably later i should post some pictures of my little pet so that my friends can get to know them and meet them as well.
    I am glad that i already get used to spending my weekends without my ex. Last time we used to spend the whole weekend together and i am glad that i still survive my weekends without him. Initially it was a bit bitter for me to clean the fish tanks and do some gardening without him as i really enjoy doing all these with him. However, life moves on… Probably he already found his new love who also share the same hobbies with him, more caring and who is more compatible than me, who knows?    
    Well, i should start my office work now otherwise i will need to burn my midnight oil later… Tomorrow is going to be a busy day as my granpa, grandma and aunties are coming over to my place to celebrate my mum’s belated birthday. Thanks to my mummy for raising me and being such a nice mum and i am so proud to be the daughter of my parents!!

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