MeRrY cHRiStmAs!!

December 25, 2006
    Time flies…. I can’t believe that this is another year already and we are moving into Year 2007. I am not sure what is lying ahead for me in Year 2007. I have read a few astrological prediction and according to most of the Chinese Zodiac, Year 2007 is not going to be a good year for those people born in the year of Snake.  However, i don’t really believe in all this and i need to believe in myself, try my best in every aspect and do not give up easily. One of the most important questions i need to consider is whether i should stay put with my current job. I am really not sure… When i first broke up with Chew, i was thinking it is either he stays or i leave as it was really hard for two formal lovers to work in the same company. Thank god that i am matured enough to handle this situation and i do not need to take this into consideration when i consider the question to stay put with my current job.
    I felt sorry over the passing of Thien’s mum on Christmas eve. Both Thien and Khanh are still in grief over the death of their love ones and how i wish i can be there in Adelaide to be with them. I told Khanh over the phone that Christians take it easy over this and she has to be strong and she has to take care of herself as well as her little son.
    I am so glad that CW Lee loves the X’mas gift that i gave him on Friday night and he actually opened it on X’mas day. It always feel good when you get people something that they like. Thanks to CW Lee for the Christian Dior shimmering lip gloss that he bought me too, nice gift wrapping + nice gift!
    Thanks to LK for reminding me to spring clean my heart. Her message was short and concise but it meant a lot to me, tears came out from my eyes after i read her message. 
    I am really looking forward to my trip to Singapore this coming weekend. I have not been there for almost 2 years where the last trip was quite an enjoyable one where Jayne, Joice and myself went there to watch Mama Mia at the Esplanade. I still remember the custom people checked on us for a long time as there were 4 of us in the car with 3 different nations  (Malaysian + Singaporean + Indonesian). Jayne and I shall meet up with Joice again in Medan in April 2007 and there will be lots of girl’s talk when we meet again. It is a bit pity that Vicky cannot join us when she comes back from Adelaide with her hubby. Anyway, i am really looking foward to see Vicky too!  
See you all in Year 2007…