Lilian Too’s Fortune And Feng Shui

January 17, 2007
    I am not sure any of you believe in feng shui and all that. I am in fact not a superstitious person but i started to buy Lilian Too’s feng shui and fortune book since last year. It is no harm to have a read as precaautious and the real fact is that the book is not that expensive.
    I can’t believe that Lilian Too’s analysis on Snake ladies are so accurate. I just kept quiet after i read that part but my sister told me that her analysis is real correct after she finished the book! I like this part:
    "They need the comfort of of clean surroundings and are averse to roughing it out. Not for them jungle trekking or a walk in the mountains. They prefer the luxury of a five start resort, a liner or a ski holiday. Wrap them in warm fur and they will snuggle deeper into your arms."
    It is so true,  that’s why i decided not to go backpack to Yunnan with Jayne in October.
    Wen Jye – it is no harm to get Lilian Too’s book to get some guidance, i hope you can cheer up!
    To Ivan on her comment on our upcoming trip to Siem Reap:
    Don’t forget that downstair is an Irish pub at the place we are going to stay and i believe there is nothing to do there at night. I believe there is nothing better to do except drinking! Our majesty/emperor can be very abnormal once he gets excited so make sure we make him get drunk!!    


January 11, 2007
    I am really EXHAUSTED… How long is it going to last?? After working hard for Year 2006 and i still have 3.5 days of annual leave brought forward from Year 2006, i know that i deserve a break and that’s why i am holding 3 Air Asia air tickets, one to Medan in April, one to Jakarta in August and the other one to Siem Reap in September in which the last two tickets are free, i paid for the airport tax only.
    To Joice, Jayne and i are looking forward to see you in Medan and make sure you organise lakeside BBQ for us at Lake Toba!
    Alvin, see you in Jakarta and make sure we shop till we drop.
    And to Kit Fai, Wen Jye and Ivan, make sure you 3 gentlemen take care of me during the trip to Siem Reap and never ever try to make me drink and get drunk!! I warn you! haha…  

2006/7 Year End Countdown in Singapore

January 3, 2007
    We left KL at 7am and i managed to make it to JB within 2.5 hours. Initially there were 4 of us only and Irene joined at the last minute where i really pity her dad to have sent her down to KL from PD to meet up with us, you can imagine how early they left PD in order to meet us up at 6.30am. The jounrney was an enjoyable one where we chat and sang some songs in the car until we missed the Restoran Jejantas exist where we supposed to take our breakfast there and we ended up having breakfast at Pagoh rest stop. Loong rang up from Singapore when i was driving and he tried to make arrangment so that we can meet up in Singapore. I am just wondering how he looks like right now after we have not seen each other for more than 12 years. Probably he will look very smart in his police uniform, or probably he is still the skinny guy that i know during high school time!  
    I was so glad to meet Shereen in JB as we only communicate with each other over MSN Messenger and we haven’t met each other for the whole of year 2006 until the last day of year 2006. It is a bit pity that we didn’t have time to catch up and have some ladies’ talk where i have to continue with my journey to Singapore after having a second round of breakfast with her. I told her that i still missed the time we spent together, either in Adelaide or KL, lots of sweet memories especially on those days when we got drunk… 😀
    We reached Singapore around noon and it was 2pm when we finally checked into the hotel where we met up with Madeline’s Singaporean colleagues for lunch at Crystal Jade. Thanks to Joe, Madam Koh, Belinda, Shereen and Joshua for their warm welcome and also the lunch that Madam Koh spent us. After the lunch, we started our shopping mission until we drop. Everyone was so tired and we finally decided to have Japanese dinner at a restaurant in Takashimaya to celebrate. The dinner was great, i had the Unagi and Sashimi combination set dinner where we proceed to Hard Rock cafe later as Lam Lam wanted to get the Hard ROck merchandise so much. We walked all the way when it was drizzling just to find the Hard Rock Cafe, i think that’s what friends are for.
    We met up with Joshua again at Marriot after we were done at Hard Rock and he already started his drinking session with his friends. At the end five of us decided to watch fireworks show at The Esplanade and meet up with him again at MOS for clubbing and drinking to welcome the new year. The exit at the City Hall MRT was so crowded by the time we reached there and we just kept walking only, We couldn’t find a good place to watch the fireworks and we ended up counting down outside The Esplanade where we couldn’t see much and the fireworks seemed to be not so spectacular! We were a bit disappointed and tired by then where Joshua also informed that it was super packed at MOS so we went back to rest at the hotel instead… I was the first one who went to bed after i took shower at the hotel. I knew that Irene and Lam Lam were a bit disappointed as we couldn’t go clubbing, i knew that they really wanted to get drunk on that nite. 😀
    After we checked out at the hotel, we left our luggages with the so called bellboy but we found out later that he was the guard instead. We didn’t like him as he was real rude but we had no choice as our luggages were with him. He even treated other guests very rude where the guest told him that she didn’t like the way he treated her but the guard replied in a very rude manner too.  When everything is done, we had breakfast at Ya Hon Kopitam. We really enjoyed ourselves though it was only a very simple breakfast with roast bread, half boiled eggs and a cup of ‘yin yeung’. Our shopping hunt started again at almost noon time at VIVO, Singapore’s newest and largest shopping complex. We were a bit disappointed as the shopping experience there was not as great as Orchard Road but the girls were still able to get quite a number of good items there. We proceed to Bugis to continue with our final shopping after we took our lunch at 3pm. I tried my very best to look for the pair of shoe that i like again and i was glad that i finally got the right pair of shoe with the right size in the late evening at Seiyu with less discount compared to OG. Everyone concluded that they enjoyed themselves very much on the way back to JB and it was the time i popped up with the idea of getting a job in Singapore. I have been to Singapore a few times previously but i didn’t like the place until this trip where i have a total different view on this small island. I started to like this place and it is good to have a change in environment after working in KL for so many years. The only thing i cannot let go in KL will be my family, my friends and my 9 months’ old car only. Hmm… I shall consider that again after bonus time in February’07 as it is not an easy decision for me, i will have to start everything all over again if i decide to work in Singapore…           
    I was so glad to meet up with Yee Siang again in JB. He is really a very nice guy where he spent the whole nite with us in JB, bringing us to dinner, brought us to Danga Bay and even sent Irene off to Larkin bus station just right before midnight. I could understand that he was real tired and he needed good rest so he didn’t have breakfast with us the next morning before we went back to KL.
    The journey back to KL seemed to be so long as we ended up 5 hours in the car before we reached KL. Huey Chi came up with the idea of having bbq crab in Seremban on the way back to KL but we were a bit disappointed after we reched there where the shopkeeper told us that the crabs were sold out during the 4-days long break. At the end, i concluded that we enjoyed ourselves very much in terms of shopping but we were real disappointed in terms of food. I promised Lam Lam that we will make another trip again in June (provided we still work in KL)…