Not A Good Start…

February 24, 2007
    Everyone keeps asking me how my new year was when i got back to work or whenever i met them on MSN and i can only ask them to read my blog as i am lazy to tell them what happened to me during CNY. I started to become very superstitious after what happened to me before CNY till first day of CNY and i tried to be very careful… 
    Not to mentioned all these bad things where i strike 4D where i won RM1,500 on 3rd day of CNY and my boss DKK bought me lunch at Zakuro Japanese Restaurant when i had lunch with Huey Chi on the first day i started work after CNY celebrations. I really didn’t expect him to settle my bill and all my friends told me all the good things are coming along the way after all the bad luck i had before.
    At work yesterday i suspected that i was ‘set up’ by someone when i found that a lot of linkage and subtotals went missing in my Excel worksheet before i finalised the cashflows workings for my Company. I am lucky in the sense that i found out the mistake and all the missing links before i finalised the funding position with my Treasury colleagues. I warned myself to be extra careful in the future and Sim asked me to trust noone but to see everything with my own eyes. I am happy that i have a very supportive immediate superior and i have good working relationship with her where the work is tough + challenging but i really enjoy the satifaction in my daily endeavour.
    I found this in David’s Multiply page where i found it quite true after what happened to me in the last few days and would like to share it with my friends who were born in the year of Snake. Hopefully i can post more as a guidance for the rest of the year…   

It’s not a good year for the Snake. Things are fragmented and very stressful. You will feel trapped, with obstacles in your way. The Snake should not travel far away for there may be some loss. You should not make big moves as there will be many changes this year. It’s better to stay where you are. You should be careful about your health too.

Wear a horse and a goat jade to attract money and a chi lin to smoothen the path.

Happy Chinese New Year

February 20, 2007
    I didn’t have a good start to the new year and you will agree with me after you have read through what had happened to me right before CNY.
    I was not feeling well after i had dinner with my brother as my whole neck area was so itchy and i couldn’t stop scratching it until i gave up and went to bed before i managed to do some last minute house work + cleaning up my two fish tanks. It became worst after i reached my hometown so i decided to go and see doctor where doctor identified the illness as food allergic so he gave me an injection + some tablets. The itchiness subside but it came back again on my way back to KL on the same day where it last till the next day which was the first day of CNY. i had no choice so i went to see doctor again where the doctor gave me another injection and warned me to watch out on my diet as he mentioned that i may do some damage to my kidney or liver. (scarry…) Not to mention about the itchiness, i also fell down on the day before CNY where i couldn’t stand up at all and tears came out immediately from my eyes after my mum ‘declared’ that this year is really not my year after so much bad things happened to me.
    Well, i am really not a superstitious person and i made some winfall gain tonight so all my friends told me tha the worst is over and the best thing is yet to come. I do hope this is true…
    I have been real busy lately where i have been working from 7.30am till 11pm for more than 2 weeks and that’s why i have not been updating my space. I am still ok at this stage as i really enjoy my work where boss already confirmed that there will be a special review this June and hopefully there will be promotion for me where all my hard work will pay off (despite a very reasonable bonus and salary adjustment i got for myself last month).