Turning 30…

    Lots of things happened last week but i only want to share with my friends how i spent my 30’s birthday…
    I am officially one year older on this day and this was a very sad day for me. I forgot how many times i cried at the place where i am sitting but i made sure notbody saw that. Why? Why did i cry? I can say that i am a very emotional person and i am so touched when i received all the sms from my friends wishing me Happy Birthday. The workload and work pressure are both killing me, and i am very sure that it is very likely that i cannot make it for my trip to Medan. I started to ask myself whether i am right for the job or the job is right for me.
    It has been long since the last time i went clubbing. It was fun and we didn’t drink a lot at Rum Jungle. Thanks to all my friends who spent the time with me, and of course they knew i cried inthe office earlier and i was ok after the drinking session. Many thanks to Ivan for buying me the drink! We shall see each other again at Aloha but this time for sure i will invite Kit Fai to join us!

One Response to Turning 30…

  1. Ivan says:

    It is my pleasure to give a treat to everyone that nite.

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