Trip To Medan – April’07

May 22, 2007
I worked 1/2 day today but only managed to leave office around 2.30pm. Called Comfort to get a cab to LCCT and only managed to find out that flight delayed to 8.30pm instead of 7.45pm. I got nothing to do after i checked in as there is nothing much at LCCT so i ended up reading my Judith McNaught book and using my handphone to login to MSN Messenger to chat with Alex in the airport. The baby sitting in front of me was crying throughout the journey but i was too tired to bother.
The Immigration officer asked me to show him my return ticket and asked me lots of questions and i didn’t understand what he said on his Indonesian style Bahasa Melayu. I was irritated by that. I was so excited to see Joice on the arrival hall and we gave each other a very warm hug, and i was glad to meet Jim too! We had dinner at Medan town centre and the funniest thing was that they ordered Penang fried kueyteow for me. We had lady’s talk after dinner at Joice’s place until 2am in the morning. What a tiring day…       
We didn’t do much today. I wake up after Jansen and Justin went to school. Jimmy brought us to Miki Holidays to book hotel for our trip to Berastagi and we went shopping at Medan Fair. It was a very relax day for me as i got to shop and rest when we felt tired. I have not done that for a long time… We went to pick up Jing Y’ng at night and i was glad to see her in Medan as the route for flight from Penang to Medan was cancelled beginning this year and she fought so hard with people from Air Asia to get a ticket to travel Penang – KL – Medan. Great effort!!
Another relax day for us. We had Indonesoan style Nasi Lemak as breakfast. It as nothing different from our Malaysian style Nasi Lemak except we get more choices of dishes here and the packing is different too! We went to the market to get ’emping’ together with Joice’s mother-in-law where she was really a good bargain hunter 😀 To of our surprise, Jing Y’ng bought a very cute antique look trishaw while i got a very cute mini bicycle too! At night, we went to Berastagi hypermarket to get some grocery items for our trip to Lake Toba and Berastagi. I was so excited for our BBQ night at Lake Toba… 
Joice brought us to Lady Q for massage. We really enjoyed the massage session as it was so cheap compared to the one i did in Chiang Mai. It was a bit sad that we only got to do massage once during our trip to Medan. We should have done more earlier! We had Nasi Padang lunch after our massage. It was a bit sad that today was our last day at Medan. I was so touched when Jimmy thanked us for making Joice so happy during our visit.  
It was raining when we were ready to board… Good bye Medan and till our next trip to Medan… 
有人在我的BLOG留言叫我多用华语, 但是可知我要花上好多时间才能完成! 用英语就不同了, 我习惯以英语书写, 那真的是快多了.
TRIP 回来快要3个月了,可是这篇游记还是一直’TO BE CONTINUE’, 下一次的TRIP也快到了, 看来我真的好懒哦! 😀 ALEX 说得对, 也许到时我真的会对当时的一切感受和甜蜜回忆忘记得一干二净!