Part 1   
    I just don’t know why, all in a sudden i feel that my life is so empty… Been going through the routine life everyday, feel a bit bored…
    What else for me to complain? I am healthy, nothing much to worry about, and get to travel a few times a year to see the world. I am so lucky compared to those unlucky ones, how can I complain? 
    华哥, sorry for bothering you on my way home just now. I just need to talk to someone and you were the chosen one! Anyway, thanks for listening and caring!
Part 2
    Big thanks to those friends who left some messages here! I am actually ok and getting better. I have that mix feelings after i came back from my trip main due to 2 reasons.
    First, i got to know my boss reisgned while i was away… I am really sad that he is leaving us as he is a very nice and down to earth person. How are we going to survive without him? Who is going to fight for us for all our benefits?
    Second, i am a bit lazy after i came back from my trip. Nothing motivates me at this moment and that’s why i feel empty. I am stagnant at this stage, feel a bit bored at work and not learning new things. Life was great during my trip to Siem Reap. For five consecutive days, i don’t have to worry about office work, what we did was those never ending climbing up and down of temples and a mixture of drinking life there!
    Now you know how i feel… I am not complaining, just feel a bit lost and need to find a balance only.     
    细佬, i am always a good girl, don’t you think so?
    皇上,i am not 晒命! you know me…
  Foong Yee, thanks for the message! Thanks for caring!

5 Responses to EMPTY…

  1. helen.huang says:

    cheer up trying to find more things u like make ur life rich!

  2. julywn says:

    i know your feelings, this happened to me sometimes, just appreciate what you have now, live simple, think simple.
    The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything;they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

  3. Lee says:

    U are 晒命 rather than complaining! People like me who hardly got chance to go travel (due to no time and no $$$$$) should complain not u!

  4. ALEX WOON says:

    Kar jie… see got so many fren are around you.. and also i am here mah ..
    just remember the thing i told you at your house … haha … find some thing loh ..
    be good gal ok?

  5. Franki says:

    我們是商業社會的一員, 甚至只是一顆釘…是一顆無名的釘. 每天為工事衝刺…日日如是, 到頭來總覺得為誰辛苦為誰忙, 迷失誰都會有. 有人會在下班後做另一個自己, 放縱自己… 有人在週未勁玩一番, 做另一個自己… 有人會去別人不遊的地方, 玩失蹤…為的是尋找自我? 為的是反抗?
    去旅行, 除了觀光, 放鬆自己, 影靚相之外, 還可以看看別人的生活態度, 無論是經濟發達社會, 還是落後的, 在那裡的人都有值得我們借鏡的地方. 別浪費妳每次出遊的機會.
    別為無聊的工事打擾自己心情, 人生除了工作外, 仍有很多事值得關注. 妳看有多少朋友關心妳.
    記住雲層上總有陽光.-遲到的番茄, 遲來的回應

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