~ LifE ~

January 30, 2008
this is what we called life…
– congratulations to tom and ashley on your big day, may you live happily ever after
– congratulations to eve and vincent on your new born
– got my bonus, this is the best ever bonus i got ever since i work
– teo resigned from OSK, i am a bit upset. he is a very nice guy and big thanks to him for the nice mug filled with ferrero rocher
– franki came to visit lam lam and me. thanks for all the nice souvenirs from him and thanks for listening. hope he enjoyed his stay in malaysia
– dad got his medical report. his CEA is rather high and i was shocked to read medical information on this CEA thingy. hope he will be fine… i have been very upset with this. i asked myself not to think and worry too much before the second medical report comes out 
– michelle resigned from OSK. she is moving to kuhing with her hubby, i am going to miss her. we can only chat on msn after she leaves KL
– grandpa fall down from the staircase and luckily he is fine with more than 10 stitches on his hand   
can we stop all the bad things from happening and only good things come??