They Are Coming!!

May 29, 2008
    I went to watch P Ramlee musical at Istana Budaya last night but i saw something that attracted my attention… This is the first time i nearly shouted in excitement and for sure, my first reaction was to call Jayne to inform her about this good news!!
    It has been almost four years since i last watched this musical in Singapore and finally they are coming to Malaysia!! I am so excited, sure it is a not to be missed musical and 17 December 2008 is the day, it is the day that i cannot wait for!!

Blood Donation

May 1, 2008
    what an abnormal day…
    went to Kuan Yin Temple @ PJ for blood donation. as usual, i gotta fill up the questionnaire but this time around i went through less procedure as i broght along my donation booklet. i was so relieve that i finally pass through the iron test (though it was only marginal pass where the required iron level is 125 and mine was 126) where i normally failed in this test and stop me from blood donation. and one last step, blood pressure test before i can proceed for the blood donation. YES, i was so excited as i have never done blood donation for so long and passsing the iron test was like passing an examination!! i almost got my ticket for blood donation!! 
    dr wooi seong was the only male doctor (and he is kind of handsome 😀  he has hair on his chest ~ sexy!! LoL) there and he tested my blood pressure. after my 1st test, he informed that the omron machine didn’t work well and he gotta use another machine. ok, i asked if the machine seem to be malfunction today and he seem to agree with me. there came the second omron machine but he informed that my blood pressure was high on both sides. i joke to him that i was nervous because he was too handsome + nervous for the blood donation. there i rest for about 5 minutes and went through another round of blood pressure testing and this time around he used the conventional pump type to test my blood pressure. again, it showed that my blood pressure was rather high and it was higher than the earlier test. i have no choice and i asked if it implied that i have high blood pressure and i gotta reveal to him that my family has a strong history of high blood pressure. he is such a nice guy, explained to me nicely and advised me to go for routined blood pressure test. i am worry now… i should go for one at the panel doctor tomorrow and perform a full body check up next week!!