July 13, 2008
    We went to watch ‘Wanted’ on Saturday at Sunway Pyramid and we were few minutes late by the time we settled down at the place where we were sitting. I tried so hard to understand the storyline as i couldn’t focus on the movie. As the story moved on, there was a loud noise came out behind the cinema. Yes, it sound like an explosion and everyone at the hall started to look behind to check out what happened. What was visible was some white smoke there and i was a bit shock to see that. What happened? Why was there smoke? What came out from my mind was that: is it a terrorist attack? At that point of time, i started to panic and people started to evacuate from the exit of the hall. By the time we left the hall, the staffs were still investigating the reason for the explosion and i guess TGV people may need to reschedule the timetable as this hall will not be used until they are able to find out what happened and thereafter clean up the hall.
    Will i go and watch ‘Wanted’ again? This is so scarry!!