Adam, get well soon…. see you soon…

August 26, 2008
    Have been missing Adam so much…. He disappeared from the cyberspace for more than a month already and luckily i managed to find out his whereabout from Tay. I was shock when i heard what happened to him… without any hesitation, i went to General Hospital to visit him though two of my best friends asked me not to visit him. they claimed that it would be a bit awkward to meet him for the first time but i just don’t care, nothing can stop me from doing that!!
    Adam was not at the ward when i reached K9, the nurse told me that he was at the physiotheraphy room. i was surprised that he could recognised me when he first saw me. he was surprise to see me there, and there he knew it was me, someone that he always chat with whenever either one of us need someone to talk to… i couldn’t remember we spent how many afternoons chatting with each other and i did enjoy chatting with him… we chat for more than one hour and there were so many things to catch up… i told him about my Penang trip and he seemed to envy a lot. i sincerely hope that he can recover soon. 
    i know he is a tough guy, he will survive this hard time. i couldn’t stop thinking about him after i visited him at GH on that day… i was asking myself whethr he will easily give up? and what will happen to him if he collapse in the aeroplane on his way to UK? he was considered real lucky and he has no reason to give up!!  glad to receive his sms todat, at least i know that he is still well and he is recovering fast. i have to remind him that he still owes me lunch together with Tay at Avenue K!! 😀  

Skytrek 2008

August 19, 2008
Upcoming……  SKYTREK 2008….
An event with much fun, joy and of course, suffering after the trek!!
Be patience, more pictures will be uploaded…
 I was the organiser of the event, leading 16 of my team members to the trek site…

Sex And The City

August 3, 2008
    这个周末和朋友去看了 Sex And The City 这套电影, 也许是因为没有抱着太大的期望去看这套电影的关系, 结果看了之后却给了我很大的惊喜. 故事主要是围绕着 Sarah Jessica Parker 和她的三个好朋友在友情, 爱情和家庭的点点滴滴, 部分情节还非常的感人, 赚人热泪. 也许我是个比较感情丰富的关系, 所以对这部电影非常有感觉…
    看着这部电影时, 我拿了自己和主角比较, 真的感觉自己和 Sarah Jessica Parker 一样, 十分幸福!! 电影尾端, 我哭了, 眼湿湿的离开了电影院, 有点若有所失, 主要是因为故事结束了, 就如我看完每一本 Judith McNaught 的书一样, 我总希望作者能多写一些故事主人翁的幸福生活. 离开电影院时, 还是眼湿湿的, 我并没有感到害羞, 还记得 Franki 对我说的: 你手写你心. 对了这就是真正的我, 要哭就大声的哭出来, 不需逃避, 不需伪装!
    我要推荐这部电影给我的好姐妹们, 记得一定要去看哦!! 看后不要忘了告诉我你们的观后感哦!!