Adam, get well soon…. see you soon…

    Have been missing Adam so much…. He disappeared from the cyberspace for more than a month already and luckily i managed to find out his whereabout from Tay. I was shock when i heard what happened to him… without any hesitation, i went to General Hospital to visit him though two of my best friends asked me not to visit him. they claimed that it would be a bit awkward to meet him for the first time but i just don’t care, nothing can stop me from doing that!!
    Adam was not at the ward when i reached K9, the nurse told me that he was at the physiotheraphy room. i was surprised that he could recognised me when he first saw me. he was surprise to see me there, and there he knew it was me, someone that he always chat with whenever either one of us need someone to talk to… i couldn’t remember we spent how many afternoons chatting with each other and i did enjoy chatting with him… we chat for more than one hour and there were so many things to catch up… i told him about my Penang trip and he seemed to envy a lot. i sincerely hope that he can recover soon. 
    i know he is a tough guy, he will survive this hard time. i couldn’t stop thinking about him after i visited him at GH on that day… i was asking myself whethr he will easily give up? and what will happen to him if he collapse in the aeroplane on his way to UK? he was considered real lucky and he has no reason to give up!!  glad to receive his sms todat, at least i know that he is still well and he is recovering fast. i have to remind him that he still owes me lunch together with Tay at Avenue K!! 😀  

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