A special card from someone special…

December 23, 2008
    I actually lost count how many x’mas cards i received and when was the last time i received an x’mas card. My sister was teasing me and asking why on earth there are still people sending an x’mas card instead of an e-card…
    I was surprised when i saw the card lying on the table once i stepped into my house and the most touching part was on the content of the card written by the sender, someone very special to me… As usual, I almost cry reading between the lines, not because i am sad but i am touched… I am so sorry that i couldn’t send you one on time…

Mt sister’s new pet

December 23, 2008
    My sister was so excited after seeing my dad’s fish collection and finally she decided to get herself some new fish (probably as her own upcoming birthday present lol). I have ‘warned’ her that i will not take care this tank of fish for her reason being: I have no time! Hope the fish will survive as two of them managed to jump out of the tank and they were lying on the floor when i woke up yesterday morning where one survived and the other one died… 

Tired + Exhausted + Upset

December 18, 2008
    i couldn’t recall how many incoming calls i had on my DID yesterday but it was really not my day… i was really exhausted answering all the phone calls relating to the work related issue and i was also fed up with my boss who wanted to forfeit my 6.5 days of annual leave remained unutilised until the end of the year… i was upset, and i told my colleague that i was dead, my body had a flat battery on Wednesday…
    ok, fine! i am going to forget about all this and there are just too many good things to look forward to… finally i pamper myself with a new tank of fish today. and i finally shifted my fish tank into my house… i guess the fish will be more than happy to stay in the house instead of exposing to the hot sun outside the house…

2009 年的展望 – My Well Wishes For Year 2009

December 15, 2008
    佷久以前就想写下对2009 年的展望, 但是因为很懒, 所以我的 ‘杰作’ 一直胎死腹中, 直到现在知道不能再拖了, 唯有简单的让大家知道我对2009 年的展望:
    1) 征服京那巴鲁山
       从前完全没有想过要征服京那巴鲁山, 看了电视的 Documentary 觉得要征服京那巴鲁山对我来说真的是天方夜谭! 不知道什么时候开始我有了那么大的勇气, 现在还迫不及待要登上山峰去欣赏那儿的日出. 希望高山症远离我, 我的意志和体力能让我登山成功!!
    2) 家人和朋友身体健康
       健康是最大的财富, 希望身边的家人和朋友身体健康, 尤其是几个怀孕的朋友, 希望你们能生个白白胖胖的宝宝, 还有一个我一直以来担心的朋友, 希望你快块好起来, 我好怀念那段我们一起 ‘膝足谈心’ 的日子…
    3) 分享
       不知道打从什么时候开始和摄影扯上了关系, 我上载的照片还获得好评呢! 希望能透过那框框, 能够继续和大家分享生活和美食.
    4) 工作顺利
        在目前的工作岗位呆了超过三年, 我不清楚是否是时候换一换工作环境, 但我只能希望工作顺利, 一切如意, 就这么简单!
    最后我要感恩2008年所带给我的一切, 我度过了很愉快的一年!! 
    I wanted to write a blog on my well wisher for Year 2009 but i have been so lazy… I have no more reason as we are going to step into Year 2009 in another 2 weeks and here we go:
    1) To conquer Mount Kinabalu
        I never thought of conquering Mount Kinabalu and previously i told myself that i will never make it! The documentary on TV showed how tough it was to do that though the spectacular sunrise at the peak is so spectacular. At last i didn’t know where my courage came and i decided to go without much hesitation and i can’t believe that i really cannot wait to go and conquer Mount KK…
    2) Good Health
        May all my family and friends have good health in the year to come. To those friends who are pregnant, pleae take care of yourselves and i cannot wait to be the godmother, and also to the special friend i have been worry about, get well soon and i really miss ‘those days’…   
    3) Sharing
        I didn’t know when i took up photography but i really appreciate those positive comments and this will discourage me to write more and post more. Hopefully my photography skill can improve from time to time and share more good things in my life with my friends…
    4) Prospective Job
        This is the toughest job i have throughout my entire career life so far and i can’t believe that i have been stuck here for more than 3 years. Not sure if it is the time to move on but i do hope that everything will be fine at work.
    Last but no least i really appreciate what i have and i do enjoy Year 2008!!  


December 14, 2008
    你在遥远的那一方, 是否和我一样欣赏着同一个月亮?

Blood Donation 121208

December 12, 2008
      My new donation booklet (forgot to bring the old one)          
     Bruises on my hand after blood donation
      A certificate is given subsequent to donation  

    Haha… Finally i made it… Been wanted to do that but i failed a few times due to insufficient iron or high blood pressure problem.
    There were no OSKian there by the time i reached the auditorium. I went there with my two other colleagues with a try and never expect i passed. Aida is on medication hence she cannot donate blood. Haiza donated 450ml whereas i only donated 350ml and they actually determine the blood level based on our weight.  I always want to do something good to other people and this is one of them other than my monthly standing instruction donation to a charitable organisation. I am glad that my blood pressure ‘behave’ today otherwise i would have failed to do so…

What A Day…

December 11, 2008
    My headache is killing me when i am writing this but nothing can stop me from writing…. The headache just stick with me since last Wednesday and i started to think negatively… Am i going to get through what Adam is going through? I am having the same sympthoms like what he had before, is everything going to be alright? 
    P told me that she is pregnant today! i am so happy for her and i am going to pray hard for her… baby, no worries, everything is going to be just fine, trust me, it is going to "HAPPEN" this time!
    Adam is such a naughty boy… He made me cry for him yesterday, ‘waited’ his sms till 11.45pm (where i normally sleep at 11pm SHARP) and today he made me laugh for him! Yes, i am smarter than 大雄, pretty than Fei Fei and Yu, and definitely younger than 阿姐! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!
    i seem a bit unhappy at work these days, but i cannot explain why… do u have an answer for me??  

My first photography attempt

December 10, 2008
    This is my first attempt on D60 on a cloudy afternoon. I quite like the picture, it turns out not bad, what do u think?

Mission Accomplished

December 7, 2008
    The most anticipated day has finally come and gone… It is the wedding of the year that i have been waiting and expecting for. My best friend Madeline finally married the man of her life, a beautiful couple with the perfect love story… I am so happy for them, and both Huey Chi and me couldn’t help to have tears coming out from our eyes when parted with our best friend in Melacca town… We are touched and we are so happy for her that she is entering a new chapter of her life, and of course we will always be there for each other…
    I lost count for how long we knew each other, but i know that our friendship will be forever, it’s true…

To A Good Friend…

December 6, 2008
    Need to wake up in another five hours’ time when i am writing this but i feel that i need to let you know how i feel…
    "最坏的逆境都已经经历过了, 还有什么可以难倒你呢? 不要害怕, 你比任何人更有权利生存下去, 我会永远支持你!"
     No more sleepless nights, everything will just be fine, trust me… 

Wen Jye’s Birthday…

December 5, 2008
    It’s Wen Jye’s birthday today. I am glad that i still managed to meet up with him and Kit Fai for dinner though i seemed a bit blur caused by the drugs given by the doctor. BellyGood ~ The Pork Lovers’ Paradise is a nice place, a place that i wanted to go so much and finally i got the chance to dine there…
    Baked Portabello Mushroom with Bacon and Cheese
   Grilled Bacon Salad
   Grilled Pork Belly (YUMMY!!)
   Grilled Pork Ribs (i like the coleslaw and mashed potatoes so much!!)
    Sausage Platter (4 sausages – pork chorizo, chicken chorizo, pork oriental and spicy Hungarian, grilled to perfection served with fries and thai chilli sauce)
   Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe for the Birthday Boy


December 4, 2008
    我是个不容易生病的人, 这次终于打败仗了. 本来打算给自己休息半天, 最后还是因为繁重的工作和那些有完没完的 meeting 而在公司呆了一整天. 明天我一定要好好休息, 希望可以在这个周末以最佳状态出席两场婚宴, 尤其是星期天 Madeline 的婚礼, 我们几个姐妹要确保新娘子有个最难忘, 最十全十美的婚礼!

Moonlight @ 03122008

December 3, 2008
    今晚的月亮特别害羞, 含羞答答的, 我忍不住要把它的含羞风情拍下来与大家分享…

Sunrise @ 03122008

December 3, 2008
    01122008 的日落令我叹为观止,03122008 的日出也同样令我叹为观止!Puchong 的居民实在幸福,日出日落同样可以一一尽入眼帘…

Sunset @ 01122008

December 2, 2008
     My sister’s friend claimed that Puchong residents are the luckiest people in town as we always get to enjoy nice sunset most of the time, not sure if you agree with me…
    Special thanks to Ms Puteri Razalinawati for taking the pictures while i was driving home along KL – Putrajaya Highway…