Wen Jye’s Birthday…

December 5, 2008
    It’s Wen Jye’s birthday today. I am glad that i still managed to meet up with him and Kit Fai for dinner though i seemed a bit blur caused by the drugs given by the doctor. BellyGood ~ The Pork Lovers’ Paradise is a nice place, a place that i wanted to go so much and finally i got the chance to dine there…
    Baked Portabello Mushroom with Bacon and Cheese
   Grilled Bacon Salad
   Grilled Pork Belly (YUMMY!!)
   Grilled Pork Ribs (i like the coleslaw and mashed potatoes so much!!)
    Sausage Platter (4 sausages – pork chorizo, chicken chorizo, pork oriental and spicy Hungarian, grilled to perfection served with fries and thai chilli sauce)
   Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe for the Birthday Boy