Mission Accomplished

    The most anticipated day has finally come and gone… It is the wedding of the year that i have been waiting and expecting for. My best friend Madeline finally married the man of her life, a beautiful couple with the perfect love story… I am so happy for them, and both Huey Chi and me couldn’t help to have tears coming out from our eyes when parted with our best friend in Melacca town… We are touched and we are so happy for her that she is entering a new chapter of her life, and of course we will always be there for each other…
    I lost count for how long we knew each other, but i know that our friendship will be forever, it’s true…

2 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. Ho says:

    Hi…. i…. speechless… i am so glad to have both you and huey chi in my life… After the happenings during the preparation and the actual wedding day itself , i really really can feel that our friendship, you and huey are really important in my life.. despite the changing of chapter, we shall hold hands together together for now and forever.. to face our happiness and sadness….and whatever ever……

  2. huey chi says:

    "hug hug" ……i donno how to express my feeling now…. best fren forever…. i always be with you guys….

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