What A Day…

    My headache is killing me when i am writing this but nothing can stop me from writing…. The headache just stick with me since last Wednesday and i started to think negatively… Am i going to get through what Adam is going through? I am having the same sympthoms like what he had before, is everything going to be alright? 
    P told me that she is pregnant today! i am so happy for her and i am going to pray hard for her… baby, no worries, everything is going to be just fine, trust me, it is going to "HAPPEN" this time!
    Adam is such a naughty boy… He made me cry for him yesterday, ‘waited’ his sms till 11.45pm (where i normally sleep at 11pm SHARP) and today he made me laugh for him! Yes, i am smarter than 大雄, pretty than Fei Fei and Yu, and definitely younger than 阿姐! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!
    i seem a bit unhappy at work these days, but i cannot explain why… do u have an answer for me??  

2 Responses to What A Day…

  1. Juen Huey says:

    Who is ‘P’? What was Adam’s sympton before go for operation?

  2. Pooi Tyng says:

    P’s name cannot be disclosed here. It is still early stage of pregnancy so i promised her that i won’t reveal her real name here.

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