Blood Donation 121208

      My new donation booklet (forgot to bring the old one)          
     Bruises on my hand after blood donation
      A certificate is given subsequent to donation  

    Haha… Finally i made it… Been wanted to do that but i failed a few times due to insufficient iron or high blood pressure problem.
    There were no OSKian there by the time i reached the auditorium. I went there with my two other colleagues with a try and never expect i passed. Aida is on medication hence she cannot donate blood. Haiza donated 450ml whereas i only donated 350ml and they actually determine the blood level based on our weight.  I always want to do something good to other people and this is one of them other than my monthly standing instruction donation to a charitable organisation. I am glad that my blood pressure ‘behave’ today otherwise i would have failed to do so…

One Response to Blood Donation 121208

  1. Franki says:

    可喜可賀, 希望妳繼續捐血, 10次, 20次…

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