Full Moon on Chap Goh Mei

  I waited till half past ten then only got out from my house to capture the full moon on the 15th day of the year of oxpiscious… this picture was taken without the assistance of any tripod, and i guess i should be able to capture a bigger moon with a 18-200mm lense instead of my 18-55mm EF-S. well, i will just play around with this simple lense first before i invest in other lenses…
  the weather wasn’t looking that promising at dawn and i told AK that we would not be able to have a glimpse on the full moon as there were signs of thunderstorm but i am happy that god answers my prayer. what do u think of the full moon that i captured? this one is not easy as i got to try out different setting, adjust the ISO, shutterspeed and etc, it is so much different from the digital camera. Just like LK said, you basically just PnS using a digital camera, but PnS will never work on my CanCan…

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