My 1st Birthday Present For 2009

March 31, 2009
    My friend PW went to Beijing and i asked her to get me a t-shirt, preferably a pole tee from the Olympic Specialty shop. She finally got me the t-shirt with the five mascots (which is a little bit oversize Tongue out) and this cute little souvenir from Beijing also ended up as my first birthday present for Year 2009, sooooo happy….. and thank you so much to my buddy!! Party
    Front part with the five mascots
    Behind with the Beijing 2008 official logo


Counting Down…

March 30, 2009
    It is already in the stage of counting down but i am totally not ready… If evertyhing goes well, i may be enjoying the spectacular sunrise at mount KK the same day on the following month. At this moment, i could be busy catching the last glimpse of the beautiful sunrise admist 4092m above sea level, and enjoying a mug of hot coffee with my buddy…
    I think i am not ready. I already have my Kampung Adidas, head lamp, hand glove, windbreaker and most important, my CanCan and the new pink Kata backpack. This little new toy of mine is so cute in that pink outfit and it was love at first sight when i first set my eyes on it… Kata together with CanCan is going to travel the world with me… 
    I am not ready but i can’t wait!!!

Back To Nasi Padang And Soto Land

March 25, 2009
     Night view of the Nasi Padang and Soto Land
    After almost 1.5 years, i can’t believe that i am going back to the nasi padang and soto land again, not on a leisure trip but on a buisness trip… To be honest, i am so reluctant to accept the assignment but i have no choice… Why? Why is it has to be me? Being a backoffice person, I think i am the first person within my department being assigned with an overseas assignment… Date for the trip has been fixed but don’t think we will stick to that date due to the general election there… Fingers cross, i don’t want to celebrate my birthday there, please don’t…
    On the photography part, I never expect CanCan’s first ever overseas trip is to the nasi padang land but i hope i can capture some pictures that are different from my previous collection… And on the training part, my training for mount kk reduces by one week with my business trip. I start to worry when everybody asking about my preparationa and readiness but i am really glad that there are so many of them who care… I know that i will not disappoint my friends, i will make it to the peak!! 

1st Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

March 23, 2009
    I have been planning to attend the 1st hot air balloon fiesta held at Putrajaya from 19th March till 22nd March 2009. The journey to Putrajaya was an enjoyable one with not so many traffic and we were able to find a place to park (illegally) once we got there… My first impression when i reached there was a surprise to see so many PROFESSIONAL photographers there with their telescope of 200mm and 300mm… My 55mm cannot compete at all!! Embarrassed
    I was glad to be able to capture a few nice shoots of the hot air balloons. The most surprising and exciting part was the time whereby i was called by the marshall to enter into the field when they saw me carrying my DSLR (and in fact it was the first time i am so proud of having my CanCan)!! This is the first time in my life where i managed to see how the pilot inflated and flew the balloons soooo upclose and personal Tongue out   
    Overall, i enjoyed the event very much and i am looking forward to the 2nd hot air balloon fiesta and many more to come as someone already promised to carry my tripod Party The Malaysian Sport Aviation Federation has done their part and the event was of great success… It is an event that can bring the east to meet the west, and most important is to introduce MALAYSIA to the world…    
    Pilot trying to inflate and fly the balloon with our Malaysian flag at the background (Syabas Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh!!)…   
    Crowd waiting outside the field waiting for Night Glow (I was granted permission to get upclose and personal with the balloons, sooo proud!!)
    One of the many scenes from Night Glow

The Challenge

March 16, 2009
     The 3 contestants
    I lost in last week’s BoC challenge but i was happy… Enjoyed the challenge so much and most important thing is that i got so many supporters… I was surprise and glad to see all the well wishes sent though sms, msn messages and email messages, and of course phone calls from friends as well… Alex already pre-warned that i would lose where female’s stamina would never beat male’s especially when we do one round only… It’s true, i can do at least 6 rounds at Batu Caves but JY only managed to make it three rounds there… I shall challenge him again this Saturday…
   PS told me that i seemed and sound sad when she called me after the race… I am not sure but i do enjoy the race… Thanks to all my colleagues at 10th floor who supported me and i was in fact happy to see them to be my cheer leader during the race… A big thank you to you all!!  

Challenge @ Plaza OSK

March 12, 2009
    I am not sure if this is crazy and wonder any OSKians have done it before… My colleague LS challenged me to climb Plaza OSK up and down and i accepted his challenge without much hesitation. The challenge is on and I am going to compete with LS and JY on Friday, 13 March 2008 @ 1815 hrs (and i just realised that it is a BLACK FRIDAY when i am typing between the lines). I have tried to climb the 22-storey Plaza OSK this morning and i started to worry… Am i going to lose as i have shorter legs compared to the two of them Tongue out  How good are they? We do not know each other’s capability and they only know that i can do 272 x 2 x 6. I know that i need to have strategy on conquering the 22-storey building and win the two guys!!
    Thanks to those people who care, especially the well wishes from The City of Cat and The City of Bean Sprout Chicken. To those invited guests, hope to see you tomorrow and looking forward to your emotional support, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!!

Another Unhappy Day… I am used to it…

March 11, 2009
    Today is an unhappy day because i was scolded by my boss early in the morning without any reason. I just don’t understand why i cannot work with him this year and there are just too many MISCOMMUNICATION or MISUNDERSTANDING bettween us. I am so lazy to explain though it is not my fault at all. My friends around pity me and they claimed that i should fight back and get him to apologise. I am lazy and i just don’t care as i have my own plans on dealing with him, i know that it is not going to last long… Thanks to the special someone who worries about me too, i am so touched…
    Life still moves on and there are still happy things to look forward to…  There are still something to cheer up my day from my buddy Puteri…
    Chocolate brownie from Puteri, our little princess…
  I told Puteri that i like berkedel and she remembered, this is her own version of berkedel and it taste good!!
    And not to forget, she also made egg tarts but she quit making it for a while…

My Training

March 9, 2009
     The 272 steps @ Batu Caves – one of my training ground
   I have been training hard these days to catch up with those trainings that i missed during the month of Dcember 2008 and January 2009. It was rather difficult for me when i started climbing the 272 steps @ Batu caves and i started to worry… I could only made it three rounds that time and i had muscle pain on both of my legs for four days. OMG, how am i going to make it to the peak of Mount Kota Kinabalu in the coming months? I started to worry… I could easily made it three rounds way back to Year 2008 without any probelm on my legs…
   I decided to have my own ‘intensive’ training. WJ claimed that i have over-estimated mount kk while people like SY and AK who hardly trained themselves also made it to the peak, why should i worry that much? I really started to worry after watching the mount kk documentary… Deep in my heart, i told myself not to be the last one among eight of my team members, and i don’t want to be their burden too!
   I was glad that i managed to make it six rounds at Batu Caves last Saturday with JY and i tried the steep route with JH at Gasing Hill today. I knew that i could perform better at Batu Caves and i didn’t try my best. I am going to test 8 rounds at Batu Caves the next week so that i can have a new personal record next week… Wish to express my gratitude to those people who care and your encouragement, i will try my best!!        

A Date With Suraya

March 1, 2009
    I have a date with my excollague Suraya last week. It was to my surprise when i saw her!!! OMG, she lost so much of weight and i really couldn’t believe it, and the best thing is that i couldn’t recognise her when she walked to me!! We always chat over the phone ever since she left the Company two years ago and this was the first time i met her. Suraya ffk a few times before i finally get to see her in person. What i did on that day was that i called her after lunch, confirming that she was feeling well, had neither stomachache nor headache (these were the excuses she used previously :p). Suraya was formerly my subordinate and she is a very capable staff who really worked efficiently and effectively, and i admire her for being able to multitask for work assigned to her. Up till these days, i still refer her to many of my existing staffs, telling them how nice Suraya is…   
    We had a great time on that night, started with dinner then shopping and finally last with drinks at Food Republic to catch up with all the gossips that we missed previously… Seee you soon in the coming week!!