Unsuccessful Attempt @ Broga Hill

    The only piece of picture that i am happy with…   
    It was 4am in the morning when my alarm activated, I tried so hard to wake up as i merely slept about 4 hours on that night. Got everything ready and we left KL as planned… The journey to Semenyih was very smooth, we didn’t realise we reached our destination after all the gossip in the car with my buddies…
    The sky was still dark by the time we were ready to venture into the palm tree and rubber plantation. It was not easy to walk in the dark but my LED torchlight did a good job! We were not sure which way to use when it came to crossroad and i forgot how many times we tried finding the right way… I brought my CanCan along but i had no mood to take any pictures as the mosquitos attacked both of my arms non-stop and at the end of the day, there were easily above 60 mosquito bites on both of my arms. Disappointed We decided to quit venturing to the peak after we spent 3 hours finding the right way in the ‘jungle’ and i was glad that we managed to find our way out Nerd Though we didn’t get to catch a glimpse on the beautiful sunrise @ Brogal Hill, we managed to trek 3 hours which also formed part of the training for mount kk (it serves the purpose!!) OK, we are going to be there again, probably July’09 and we will make sure we are able to find the way to the famous peak!!
    Not fo forget, check out what we had subsequent to our unsuccessful attempt…

3 Responses to Unsuccessful Attempt @ Broga Hill

  1. Adam says:

    above 60 mosquito bites ur both of my arms??! unbelieveable! The food was nice?

  2. Franki says:


  3. Pooi Tyng says:

    luckily the mosquito bites subside on the next day…AK, the food was nice, i have been there a few times, i will bring u there when u come to visit me…

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