He went down to JB for business trip and he would never think that it was his last business trip. He didn’t feel well so my two cousins went down to JB to pick him up. It was late on sunday night when they came back from JB. They were told that they got to wait for a long time for an appointment with the specialist when they called Sunway Medical Center and at the end they went to Selayang Hospital instead which is a few minutes’ drive from their house.
    The nurse at the emergency unit did some normal checking for him ie. blood test, heartbeat & etc. Before the nurses could finish with all the tests, he passed away leaving behind his loved ones. Post mortem showed that he got lung infection and there was water in his lung as well. He just past away peacefully without leaving any  message… He would never expect such illness can take his life away, and this is the price to pay for not seeking medical advise at the first place…. We all learn from this and morale from this incident: take care of our health and seek for medical advise if we find anything wrong with our body…
    I rushed home right after work to attend the funeral service at Jinjang. We were there for more than 2 hours and noone cried throughout the night. I am glad that my aunty was so tough and this was not within my expectation but my sister claimed that she may be crying when she is alone. We reached home before 12am and i was damn tired…  One of my uncles didn’t go to pay his last respect probably he couldn’t bare losing a good friend cum a close family member. Another uncle and aunty commented that they wll not know what to do when they lose their the other half… This is life and we just have to deal with it no matter u like it or dislike it… Everyone was so surprise and couldn’t believe, probably everything happened too fast without expectation… i didn’t know where my courage came from where i went to pay my last respect without any hesitation but my sisters didn’t do so… I told myself that was the last chance for me to see him no matter i want it or not. He was just like a little child sleeping and resting in peace… 
    My mind couldn’t stop thinking the image of him lying in the coffin when i tried to put myself to sleep… I couldn’t sleep because i know that he is gone forever…  

One Response to HE is GONE fOReVeR…

  1. Khok says:

    Sorry to hear that….

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