What Is Going To Happen Tomorrow??

    I packed all my stuff, clicked "Send" on the screen then i quickly made myself disappear from the office building… i don’t know the kind of reply i will get when i step into office tomorrow morning, who cares?? No one dares to send out that email except me….
    Why are they pushing so hard when most of the people on blocked leave?? i don’t understand… 
    Meanwhile, do let me know if your blood group is A+, my friend is looking for this type of blood urgently for his dad’s operation. i am going to the hospital to test whether i can be the eligible donor…  

2 Responses to What Is Going To Happen Tomorrow??

  1. Adam says:

    cox all hv no courage, and u r responsible! Im proud of u.

  2. John says:

    many people don’t walk the talk and are all hyprocrites, you are different, you are a person of honor and dignity, truly a rare find and a gem. You are truly a gem.

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