Paintball @ 20.06.2009

    It was a much await day… After much discussion over MSN and rescheduling, we finally made it to the event where Shereen and Chee Wei travelled all the way from Singapore and indeed it is our first reunion after we concurred Mount KK almost two months ago… Shereen and me couldn’t wait to shoot dead both Brandon and Chee Wei to revenge what they have done to us especially Brandon, who did something really wrong, it was a day to revenge!!
    The game was a tiring one, i was real tired during the second game after carrying the marker for a long time, and the worst thing was that Bradon still dared to shoot me even though i already declared ‘dead’!! How could he do that to me? I have three blue black on both of y hands and it is all tribute from Brandon!! I am going to kill him in our next game!!!!

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