Meaningful Weekend

June 28, 2009
    The weekend is going to end in another one hour, and i feel so sad….
    Enjoyed my weekend very much, though so much of unhappy things happened at work… and i am glad that i got the chance to find out who is my friend and who is my enemy at work… the further i climb the corporate ladder, the higher chances for me to encounter the reality at the workplace… 
    Can’t believe that it is another long week where i got to suffer at work for another five days before i get to rest for two days…  It was quite a meaningful weekend, at least i got to watch Transformer 2 and completed the Standard Chartered Bank marathon. I didn’t know that it is so easy to complete 5km, i thought i got to spend two to three hours to complete 5km but at the end i only spent 40 minutes to do so… Should i take up more challenge when taking part in next month’s Men’s Health Night Run?
    My buddy is going to organise a 2nd paintball session… actually there is no pain at all and what i get is only the bruise… Buddy told me that i look real tired after the game, blame it to the msn chat the night before among 4 of us till almost 2am!! what do u expect when a person normally sleeps at 11pm ended up slept at 2am and this explains why…
    AK told me that it has been a year since the incident happened. i can’t wait to read his blog to understand how he feels….