Pearly & Johnny’s Princess Boy

September 26, 2009
     I saw an Air Mail lying inside my letterbox when I got home on Friday night. Yes, it was sent all the way from the States and without hesitation, i know who the sender of this Air Mail is. Congratulations to proud parents Pearly and Johnny on their newborn, Preston Leon aka Wonton. He is such a cute boy and everybody just loves him!!!

Surprise!! Surprise!!

September 17, 2009
    I was SUPER SURPRISE when i saw this tiny little gift nicely wrapped and placed on my desk. I knew it, i knew who is the sender of this tiny little gift but how he send it over?? It is neither my birthday nor any special celebration, what is it for? i was laughing to myself when i finaly reveal the item inside the box… Yes, it is an oilment and i am not sure if i can find it in Malaysia. It is very good and this thing really helped a lot during my trip to conquer Mount KK. It is a nice gift but i really hope that i will not have the chance to use it…. Nerd


September 17, 2009
    又有同事呈辞了…..  恰巧是我在OSK 的4.1 周年,除了有点儿down, 同时也感觉很无奈…. 我该move on 了吗?

Please Press “1” For English

September 10, 2009
    I called up the customer service line of the local bank with the yellow tiger logo. Once connected, i heard clearly over the phone "Please press 1 for English…." and without any hesitation, i pressed "1" without waiting for the completion of any further instruction. After waiting for about 2 minutes, i was transferred to the first available customer service representative where i started to explain the reason that i called. Here we go on our conversation:
Me: I have been trying to login for the first time to the internet banking service but there was an error message saying that system is unable to verify my token.
Rep: Cik, apakah warna token cik?
Me: Mine is a black colour and i am an authoriser. I was  able to login to the system and manage to change the password but i was prompt with the error message at token verification stage. What went wrong? When keying in the 10-digit token code, should i include the ‘-‘ there? i tried both ways but i still have problem logging in.
Rep: Cik dah attend training ke?
Me: Not yet, i want to try to login to the system and explore more on the system to double check on the balance enquiry, statement download and others prior to the training.
Rep: Cik boleh guna ID keliq yang lain untuk login untuk balance enquiry. Untuk authoriser, cik kena attend training dulu……
    During our conversation, i remembered very well that i selected "1" for English and this is not the first time i encounter this. Why do the yellow tiger bank allow such selection when most of their customer service representatives actually conversant with the customers in Bahasa?? If i remember correctly, the bank that partly own by our EPF Board also has the same problem when i called the helpline for internet banking enquiries…. What will happen when some mat salleh try to call?? Will they have problem communicating with each other??