Please Press “1” For English

    I called up the customer service line of the local bank with the yellow tiger logo. Once connected, i heard clearly over the phone "Please press 1 for English…." and without any hesitation, i pressed "1" without waiting for the completion of any further instruction. After waiting for about 2 minutes, i was transferred to the first available customer service representative where i started to explain the reason that i called. Here we go on our conversation:
Me: I have been trying to login for the first time to the internet banking service but there was an error message saying that system is unable to verify my token.
Rep: Cik, apakah warna token cik?
Me: Mine is a black colour and i am an authoriser. I was  able to login to the system and manage to change the password but i was prompt with the error message at token verification stage. What went wrong? When keying in the 10-digit token code, should i include the ‘-‘ there? i tried both ways but i still have problem logging in.
Rep: Cik dah attend training ke?
Me: Not yet, i want to try to login to the system and explore more on the system to double check on the balance enquiry, statement download and others prior to the training.
Rep: Cik boleh guna ID keliq yang lain untuk login untuk balance enquiry. Untuk authoriser, cik kena attend training dulu……
    During our conversation, i remembered very well that i selected "1" for English and this is not the first time i encounter this. Why do the yellow tiger bank allow such selection when most of their customer service representatives actually conversant with the customers in Bahasa?? If i remember correctly, the bank that partly own by our EPF Board also has the same problem when i called the helpline for internet banking enquiries…. What will happen when some mat salleh try to call?? Will they have problem communicating with each other??

3 Responses to Please Press “1” For English

  1. John says:

    I suspect that the bank did not do a good job, what I mean is if that number is for english only, the call should re route to only english speaking reps and only talk english only unless the customer request other language but if the customer request other language, it’s their fault as they should have pressed the correct language, this means either they didn’t train their stuff or they shouldn’t be there in the first place that is maybe they are in the malay section and they didn’t route the call and they are not proffesional, how could they speak english and malay at the same time??

  2. Pooi Tyng says:

    i tried many times but still, only malay speaking staff attend to me.

  3. Adam says:

    I hv same exp, that piss me off. I called Pb cust service line, he asked me to provide him trace no.. I told him I did not have, then he became unpatient and yield to me, "trace no, trace no," I wish to ask Pb they hire cust exec or SAMSENG??

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