Qu@LitY LifE

October 27, 2009
    Qu@LitY LifE, something that i have been looking for and yet difficult to achieve…
    There are just too many things to do but too little time…. i start to think if this place is right for me, should i venture into something else??
    There are better places out there, but i dare not to make a move….

射箭, 放箭….

October 23, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHDaY tO Ad@M!!!

October 16, 2009
It has been two years we know each other since 18 October 2007. Time flies… I told him the other day that i can’t believe that we only know each other for merely two years… We are like old friends and i have a feeling that we have known each other for ages!!
~ How We Got to Know Each Other ~
On 18 October 2007, he sent me message through Windows Live after he read one of my blog entries. We started our conversation through Windows Live and we ended adding each other to MSN after numerous numbers of messages sent through Windows Live. We basically chat about everything, and we spent hours chatting with each other. There was once he went on his business trip to Ho Chi Minh city and we started to chat with each other when we ‘saw’ each other. i asked why he didn’t go out and wander around but stayed in the hotel room and chat with me intead. "I rather stay here and chat with you"… I was so touch after i saw those lines appeared in my chat window…
~ The Day When He Collapsed ~
In early June 2008, I was so happy for him that he managed to conquer Mount KK without much trainig. He told me that he was going for business trip to UK in July 2008 for about a month but he started to disappear from MSN and Facebook…. I tried to send him offline messages and yet no reply from him. The time difference between UK and Malaysia is only eight hours and i really have no idea why i couldn’t find him at all. I have no choice but to ask Tay the whereabout of Adam and finally Tay told me what happened to Adam, Adam was disagnosed with AVM… i was shock to hear that and without much hesitation, i decided to go and see him at the hospital.
~ The 1st Time That We Met ~
It was my 1st trip to the General Hospital and i never know that GH is such a huge place!! I finally manage to locate wad K3 but Adam was not there…. The nurse told me that he had physiotherapy treatment and i went straight to the physiotheraphy centre to look for him. When i first set my sight on him, i could recognise the guy sitting in the wheelchair was Adam (though he was bore). I could still remember his facial expression when he first saw me… I could always remember that happy smile on his face when he saw me, and that was the first time we met where i never expect we would met each other for the first time at the hospital!! We had a nice chat on that day, and i was so happy to see him…
~ Our Friendship ~
We started to sms each other almost everyday and sometimes i feel weird when we do not hear from each other… There were a few incidents where i did not hear from Adam for a few days and that reallly made me worry about him… I really don’t know what will happen to me if i lose him as a friend… I told him many times and i really mean it… He is a nice guy and i am so impress with his six sense… "My six sense told me that you are not happy today", and yes you are right, i was indeed unhappy on that day.. I am so happy to have him as my friend and i am glad that he ‘found’ me and that’s where our friendship started… I really like your blog etry on "Last Year Today", i finally knew what happened to you durig that one month when u went missing and how difficult it was for you to go through it… I am a lier, i would have given up long time ago if it happens to me!! Thanks for being a very considerate friend, and i like your belated birthday present to me very much!! It was the best gift i ever receive…   
    Our first and only picture together so far… i never expect him to be so tall… It was the third time that we met if i remember correctly….    
~ Positive Attitude Towards Life ~
23 Septeber 2009, I just finished my dinner and Adam sent me an MMS. I can see clearly from the MMS that’s him in the cover page of the chinese newspaper. I couldn’t wait and i rushed out to get a copy of the newspaper to read the content of the article. I told him that i got to know him better after i read the article. He is such a kind hearted guy, and i am glad that he has positive attitude towards life. To certain extent, Adam is a very good role model for people with AVM.  
~ HaPpY BiRtHDaY ~
Happy Birthday in advance to my best friend and may you be blessed with good health and of course, our friendship forever!! Hope to see you soo in KL!!
    My birthday present to you, hope you will like it… 

Good News…

October 4, 2009
    Dad and mum finally decided they are going to retire by end of 2010, i was happy and ‘relief’ after i heard the announcement of such good news!! There are so many things to plan after they retire!! i am gong to bring them around to all the places they haven’t been, accompay them to morning walk and for sure, dad can have a more relax lifestyle which is good for psoarisis… i just can’t wait for that day to come!!
    my mum and dad – what’s their plan after 2010??