The RM1.35 Million House

Went to view a RM1.35 mio double storey corner house last week. It was to my surprise to see such a HUGE house!! Is it a good buy for this move in condition house?

4 Responses to The RM1.35 Million House

  1. waikian says:

    room2 @ 1st floor looks like a bit small…I likt the living hall, sufficient sunlight into hall.
    Every room have free aircond?

  2. pooityng says:

    i think there are 8 units of free aircond. all the rooms are spacious and the living room is super HUGE. the house is too big for my family and i am considering getting it for investment purpose. what do u think?

  3. waikian says:

    oic…where is the location? I think equity is hot now, especially the unforseen economic..

  4. pooityng says:

    it is at mutiara bukit jalil, near kinrara BK 1

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