Qu@LitY LifE

    Qu@LitY LifE, something that i have been looking for and yet difficult to achieve…
    There are just too many things to do but too little time…. i start to think if this place is right for me, should i venture into something else??
    There are better places out there, but i dare not to make a move….

One Response to Qu@LitY LifE

  1. John says:

    yeah, you always seems busy, accountants seems so busy one. Maybe a career in photography or something you like. You don’t dare to make a move because as humans it’s normal to have fear of the unknown or uncharted territory, like the saying, never try, never know. No pain, no gain. No cheers without jeers. No risk no gain. It’s like shares or bonds, high risk shares can earn you lots of money and you can lose a lot, low risk shares, you earn less but also less risk. The question is, is it worth taking the risk and also are you willing to take the consequences?

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